Wednesday, August 11, 2010

That is one big flower!!!

I have been in love with Dahlia flowers, ever since a trip while I was a little girl to Campobella Island, Canada, right off the coast of Maine.  Than luckily enough one summer while living on my own, I found a Mansion that would sell them off the side of the road for Charity.  I would stop and buy a bunch in a Mason Jar every week for my desk at work!!

How nice would it be to be able to have rows and rows of flowers:

Below is my small Dahlia Paradise:

I am lucky enough to have 2 successful rows of Dahlia's, and another very slow growing row (I started it too late).  As of right now, I have three plants in bloom as beautifully shown above.  I am hoping that I can show you some more dahlia blooms by the end of the summer!!!

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