Friday, October 15, 2010

Summmer is over!!!

Well it has been a great summer!!!  Mr. P and I went on our best trip yet, to Blackberry Farm, located in Walland, TN.  We ate, relaxed by the pool, ate, went hiking, ate, biked around the Smokey Mountains, ate, read some good books, and lastly ate. 

Breakfast was could pick whatever you wanted off the menu.  So we could just not pick one dish..we normally picked three or four.  Some of the dishes we ordered:  Biscuts and sausage gravy, Biscuts and sorghum butter, pancakes, herb omelette, homemade breakfast sausage, bacon.  Even the picnic breakfast that was prepared for us to take on our bike ride was consisted of:  homemade granola, yogurt, pastries, fruit, and fruit salad...and this is just breakfast.

Lunch was also included everyday, and was something that we looked forward to.  You got to pick an appetizer, entree, and desert from the prescribed menus.  However you also always got some bonus appetizer each day:  fried blackeyed peas, pepper and onion salad with homemade cheese from blackberry farm, or grilled squash.  The best part about lunch was that it was southern BBQ at the finest:  Fried pork cheek sandwiches, BBQ which included ribs, pork, and beef with corn on the cob, and of course coleslaw.  I was hoping that there was going to be a peach desert and on the last day I was so happy to have a peach galette with peach sorbet.  Oh, and another favorite desert, how did I almost forget, was the Chocolate peanut butter Pie, with a root beer float on the side...delish

Mr. P never ordered I always advised he wanted his cookies to go!!!!

I must not forget, I had an Arnold Palmer everyday...lemonade mixed with the special iced tea of the day!!!

Mr. P and I were expecting this to be a great foodie trip, but we really had no idea how great it actually would be!!!  Dinner every night was formal, and very elegant.  The guys must wear jackets, and ladies must where dresses or something on level with a jacket.  Dinner every night had many, many courses, and we were in total luxury.  Our favorite dishes were the cheese plate, Mint desert dish, Decaf iced tea--brewed just for me, egg and grits, Beet salad, and there were a lot of other fancy dishes..unfortuantely we just really enjoyed them and did not remember the names, or take photos!

This was a trip of a lifetime, and was worth every penny...I definitely want to go back!!!!!!!

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  1. Very nice. We will have to there some time.

    Keep posting!