Friday, February 25, 2011

Eataly state of mind!

If you are in Manhattan you need to stop at Eatley.

My mom called me on Tuesday morning and said I just read about this Italian Grocery Store filled with a ton of restaurants that you have to go to, on 23rd and 5th!!  I am so happy that we went!  It was an amazing two hours of our time, I wish we had a car to take a ton of groceries home in, but we could only buy what we could carry!

When you walk in Chocolate and Tea to the right

Italian Desserts

Standing Pizza Restaurant


Cheese and Meat counter

Where they make fresh cheese!

Gorgeous looking fresh vegetables

Fancy Italian Sodas

Unique baking trays


Fresh pasta

Fresh beet pasta in the far back

Fresh seafood, up front is sea urchin

Fresh sea food

Rhubarb soda--how unique

Fresh mozzarella with this delicious fancy salt

This pizza was so good!!

Oxtail pasta

so much pasta...

Fresh seafood...clams...

cured meats

This is what I bought:  fennel tea..who knew, honey, fancy salt, vanilla mints, measuring spoons, and...

and these little spatula knives...
Now I could talk about Eataly forever...but this place is truly I wish I had a slice of pizza right now with a big ball of fresh mozzarella cheese...i am starving..

Below is where my mom heard of Eataly from:

Now visit the Eataly's web-site and plan a trip on an empty stomach for eating, and than go shopping!!  bring strong bags to carry your goods home in!



  1. hope i can get there .it looks great

  2. Wow, that all looks ah-mazing! Especially the veggies and pastas - what a contradiction! ;)

  3. Wow, this is my kind of place. This will be a must do when we are in the city! Thanks for sharing.


  4. This place looks awesome! Great pics! Everything looks so fresh! :)