Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stonewall Kitchen -- Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut's Mix

For Christmas I was lucky to get a lot of Stonewall Kitchen Products.  I always looked at their products as something I always wanted but I felt bad spending the money!!  Well I was wrong, there products are worth every penny and are delicious!!!

Now the box says to use a doughnut pan, I did not have one, so I used a mini muffin pan and they turned out so delicious.

The package comes with two mixes, and you need to add butter, eggs, and milk.  Not bad, you get something so delicious with ingredients you normally have at home.

After mixing them together, with the dough I had enough for one mini muffin tray, and another little container.

After they are baked in the oven, you dip them in melted butter, and than the special topping mixture.  I am not sure what is in this sugar mix but it is so good!!  I would love to be able to replicate it.

The finished product--These were so good!  Treat yourself to the mix for $8.95 and enjoy a delicious breakfast!!!



  1. they look so good .now im hungry!

  2. Oh yum!
    This past summer we went to the Stonewall Kitchen store in Maine. I could have spent hours in there. I didn't see these little gems;darn.


  3. Told ya their stuff was awesome! :) I tried one of their rubs once for chicken/steak and it was amazing! Worth every penny! The donuts look delicious! Now I want some! ;)

  4. They where yummy ... Mr. P