Monday, December 27, 2010

Day after Christmas Shopping!!

I love the day after Christmas shopping!  I have been going out ever since I was a little girl with my mom.  Back than we went to some small stores and Hallmark.

For the last 5 Years, Mr. P and I have started a new tradition of Target, Neiman Marcus, and than the Lilly Store!

We also had to add Best buy to the list.  Mr. P had to get his new Xbox!!!

At target this year, I got decorations for next year!  They had these great fuscia plastic christmas tree balls, I can't wait to use them next year on my front porch! 

We also got some gift boxes for next year, funfetti mix, and some foam art crafts.  I love making gift tags out of these for my friends!

Neiman Marcus was very small this year, and did not have the normal selection.  This is my brother's first Christmas married, and I wanted to get them some nice ornaments for there tree!
I love Neiman Marcus Ornaments!

What are your traditions for the day after Christmas???

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