Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Miami-Thanksgiving-Day 3 Part 2

We had Thankgiving day at my in-law's in-laws.  There house was beautiful, she is an artist and had a lot of wonderful paintings around the house.  I should of took photos!

Now, this was a Traditional Thanksgiving, with a little bit of the south and a hispanic twist!

There were such delicious dishes:
Deviled Eggs (which I love) and am always trying to get someone to make them for me.  Hint to Mel B!

Now my normal (traditional) thanksgiving, consists of Turkey, maybe Italian dishes, maybe a Roast Beef, maybe a ham, stuffing, and a lot of vegetables, and my favorite canned cranberry. 

This thanksgiving was a nice twist, the scenery was warm, sunny, and had palm tress:

The food was so good!

There was of course turkey (two turkeys),
Two types of stuffing-Herb and corn bread,
Creamed spinanch
Cheese Grits Casserole-This was AMAZING..I LOVE GRITS!
Sweet potatos-with an amazing crust on top,
Chessy cauliflower-this was so good, it had goat cheese in it which i love!
Mashed Potatoes
Delicious Gravy
Black Beans
Red Beans
Squash with Goat Cheese

and the item that got me rembering my traditional thanksgiving was jellied cranberries.  Thanks Mr. P!

Mr. P's first plate:

My plate:

Mr. P's second plate:

My mother-in-law made a flan for desert, this was so good!   There were many deserts, however I could not try everything, I was so stuffed.  I also had a little room for this delicious coconut cream pie!

This was a great Thankgiving!  We had great company, delicious food, and my husband was so happy to see his family!

Recipes I want to learn to make:

1. Cream cheese flan for me
2. Vanilla Flan for Mr. P
3. Black beans
4. Mrs. S deviled eggs
5. Mrs. S Cheese Grits Casserole
6. Cheesy cauliflower

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!  What is the item that you feel you must have to complete thanksgiving?


  1. When you find an awesome vanilla flan recipe you better pass it on to me! I love that stuff! ;) MB

  2. LOVE that pool! And my beach pics were from around Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood Beach funny for it to be such a warm Thanksgiving! Thanks for swinging by my blog ; )