Thursday, December 16, 2010

The flight and our checking in!

I have to say the entire experience of flying over to Germany was great.  I was nervous, as I was not on such a long flight since High School.

Mr. P hooked us up and now we are both members of the US Airways Clubs.  I could not fully enjoy the experience of the club as I was nervous about the length of the flight, but it did make the three hours before the flight enjoyable.  I would like to just be able to go there one day and hang out, to bad you need a ticket.

The bathrooms were very clean, you could have free drinks and snacks! 
Very positive plus side, the atmosphere was nicer than a crowded terminal! 

I am excited for our next flight, or should I say, I am excited for the two hours before the flight, and when we reach our final destination.

On a Friday night we flew from Philadelphia to Munich...and the flight lasted about 7 and a half hours.

Our flight left at 6:30 PM, I read my book a little, watched Grownups..such a funny movie, I was so excited it was on the plane, I have been waiting for the availibily on Netflix, and now I do not need to wait anymore!

And than slept until we saw the lights of Belgium below.

And I listened to this singer:

Now this artist kind of reminded me of Celine Dion, Laura Pausini!
I felt very cultured listening to her music, as it was in Italian, and I am high considering purchasing her CD!

Now aren't these clouds so beautiful...they reminded me of snow!

The Munich airport, I have to say was so so CLEAN!!!  I loved it, very modern, a great way to welcome you to Germany, compared to the Frankfurt Airport, while we were leaving.
We landed to snow, which was so wonderful! 

And than went straight to the hotel to see about early check-in.  My dad was able to get right in, Mr. P and I had to wait for our room as they had upgraded us to a suite!

We stayed at the:  Hilton Munich City hotel

Rosenheimer Strasse 15 81667 Munich, Germany

I loved this hotel, I know I am weird, but I love hotels that have some part of a room that is not carpet.  There was a wood entrance way/closet/dressing area, where we could store all of our suitcases, for some reason, I always feel that this is much cleaner.
The one thing I did not realize, that in Europe, they use a long of twin beds, and that was what ours was.  Two twin beds pushed together, I loved this!  You each get your own down blanket, so no fighting or stealing!
We also got access to the Hilton Honors Lounge, thanks Mr. P.  Where we could get free drinks and food-which was really good) and surf the Internet; this saved us a lot of money, because we could relax here for free, it was like being home!  I was not planning on having access to the Internet while I was away.  But it was a great chance to catch up on everything, as I have been lost without my net book while it is being sent out to get fixed.

Day 1 Part 1 complete!!


  1. Sounds like you had a good trip over! The Club saves me every week when I fly. Makes a huge difference. Hilton's are always so nice. Glad the trip started well for you!

  2. Those cloud pictures are gorgeous! I'm glad your trip started off well!

  3. I am glad that the flight went well! I have only ever been in the Delta Crown room. But it was quite nice even to my third grade self! (We were on the way to my godmother/cousin's wedding in Colorado and our flight got delayed so the 30 people in the family all on the same flight got put in the crown room because my godmother/cousin's brother (also my cousin) is a travel agent. Not to mention that among the 30 people were his parents.)

    I also would be pleasantly suprised if I got internet at the hotel. It is crazy how many charge people for that!