Saturday, December 18, 2010

Does size matter????

Well according to Americans it does...

I have been doing some research, and have read the bigger the tree, the more affluent you are. 

Now how many of us feel that the the Christmas tree is the center of our Christmas?

To be honest, I have not put up a Christmas tree this year, Mr. P and I are debating real or fake?  I am pro real, and he is pro fake.  Now our reasoning for each differ, and I am not sure what team will win!

I can only speak to mine, but I want that real tree, I want the smell--and not the bath and body works Christmas Tree scent that I usually spray, I want a low key Christmas, I do not want to un-package all of my Neiman Marcus Christmas ornaments, I want a tree that speaks to how I am feeling this year:  real and chubby!

My fake Christmas tree ornaments have a pink and green motif, which I love.  I love the tree, from the ornaments, to the satin ribbon, to the glass ornaments, to my Neiman Marcus day after Christmas ornament finds!  However, I am just not feeling it this year:

I am feeling that the homemade/real tree is more my speed this year, compared to some transitions I tried to make this year for our home:

fresh made bread vs. the typical store brought,
homemade organic heirloom tomatoes vs. canned crushed tomatoes
Growing flowers for your home and others vs. the Grocery store flower Arrangement.

Well I will post who wins, and it is really not a matter of winning per say.  It is more like who has the time and energy to pick out the real tree vs. let's get the tree out of the garage  and decorate.
Also, the entire house needs to be cleaned to get the tree in the location.

Below are some beautiful Christmas trees that I snapped during our trip to Germany:

BMW Welt Store Tree

Brenner's hotel Lobby in Baden-Baden, Germany

Outside trees in Baden-Baden, Germany


Icicle tree in Stroudsburg, France

Chriskindlemarket Tree, Munich, Germany--The biggest tree we saw at the biggest Christmas Market!

Now what type of tree is in your home this year??

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