Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Goals and Bucket List

So 2011 is upon us, and I have to say I am happy for the new year!

Who knows what can happen right?  Isn't that why we all celebrate the New Year???

I have set a goal to ride my bike for 300 miles in 2011.
I want to try to loose 30 pounds (for now)
I want to finish five craft projects that I have downstairs, and get them out in the mail:
    (M&S Blanket, P Blanket, MF Saying, N Xstitch, and N wall hangings)
I want to embrace 2011 with an open mind.
I want to try to stay calm.
I want to keep a clean house--I have been working on this already!!!
I want to make a succulent wall hanging
I want to finish the Master Bathroom and Bedroom
Plant two apple trees at our house
Make a raised bed to plant vegetables
Finish the shade garden near the pinetrees

Now there are many things that I would like to place on my bucket list for 2011, I am placing some that I think are attainable and others that are a stretch!  2010 was an amazing travel year for us, and I am thinking this year, we need to slow things down a bit and do more homey things!

Go skiing
Do a lot of canning in the summer--
Clean and Organize the basement--get cabinets to put all my canned goods in
Learn how to make bread where it does not bake in the bread machine
Try to figure out how to keep the wash more organized and not so overwhelming
Travel to warm locations, and maybe another country in Europe!
Keep this blog going, so I can journal my life experiences so when I am old and grey, I know how cool I was ;)
Learn how to raise bees and maybe even get a bee hive of my own!

I wish you all a 2011 filled with amazing adventures and lots of love!!!


  1. I loved it okay if I copy the idea for a bucket list for my blog?? I especially love the apple tree idea.

  2. Sure..I am glad you like the idea..I would love to see your list, but I don't think I can access your blog!!! Have fun!!

  3. I'll have to come up with a Bucket List. Mr. P.