Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekend Fun

Good Morning!!!

It is a three day weekend and I am so excited!!

We are driving up to North Jersey today for lunch with my family for my Grandmother's 81st Birthday!!  We will have really good Italian food.  I also have in my plan to stop at a bagel shop to get really good doughy yet crunchy New York bagels to have with my marmalade's for breakfast tomorrow!  My mom and dad will also be getting a cake from Sweet Eats to celebrate, their cakes are so good!

I am lucky to have a special relationship with my Grandmother.  She has loved and spoiled me my whole life.  My life has been enriched because of her,  I love you!!!

On Sunday, Mr P and Mr M (my Dad) will be working on the bathroom, it looks so good!  I love it, almost all of the tile except for one piece is completed in the bathroom, next is the vanity area!

Tomorrow,  I am going to be spending the day with my mom!  My dad will drive to my house, and I will drive to there's!  The main reason you ask, well of course to spend time with my mom, but also the puzzle is there!  We are going to try to make granola, and hopefully make food for the rest of the week.  Last weekend we did the same thing, my mom stocked me up with homemade chicken stew, beef stew, my dad gathered pizza dough, tortellini for the stew, grapefruits and green peppers!  Thank you :)  It saved me going to the grocery store for the week and cooking time!

Mr. P was in love with the beef stew and chicken stew..he said of course I can go to my mom's on Sunday as long as I come home with some good food!  I do feel bad leaving somewhat, but getting food ready for the week is a chore, so I consider it fair that when he is working on the bathroom, I am taking care of the meals for the week.  It is such a great thing to come home and have the meals ready!!

Monday will be a low-key day!!  I want to go through the closets in our soon to be master bedroom and get them cleaned out.  Believe it or not, I have six closets of clothes (some even double hung) between my house and my parents house!  Now, some of these clothes do not fit anymore, so I just have to donate them! 

Here are some photos of our house from when we were looking to purchase it..I will be showing you over the next couple of months the transition of this house to our home!!

The outside of the house--This porch is what made me fall in love with the house!!
The living room--now our media room!!

Living Room
Dining Room which will be our Den--That's me peaking in!!

Master Bedroom--I have not lived in the Master Bedroom of our home for 4 years!! 

Master Bathroom Vanity Area

I hope you have a great weekend!!! Isn't it kind of strange that in the winter our activities are different than the summer?? 
How are you spending your winter weekend???


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