Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Three Kings Day!!!

I hope the kings visited your homes last night!

My husband is Puerto Rican, where this is a big holiday for them!  I do think the kings brought him a small gift, but they gave it to me, because they did not see his shoebox with grass out ;)

While in Germany there were these beautiful windows I believe designed by children of the town, while portrayed the three kings!

Feliz dia de Reyes

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  1. I have kept my Christmas decorations, including my creche up until at least today, probably it will not get down before tomorrow.
    I get all of my fabrics lately from local sources such as Hobby Lobby, King Cotton (a chain in my area), my local sewing shop, and then a place in Bessemer Alabama called United Textiles. I love United Textiles for home decorating fabric but it is a hit or miss place due to the fact that they get essentially what I term the left overs. My curtains were my third choice fabric since they did not have enough of my first and second choice fabric and could not get it.
    I have looked at a few online sources, and will probably go with them when I ultimately purchase fabric for my curtains in my bedroom. I have a specific look and style of fabric in my mind and my local sources do not have much available in it.

    In terms of what I do to stay busy, so far I have started cleaning and organizing the house. Though this does not sound fun, it does make you feel productive. I am already joining my local Junior League, which is keeping me busy with our Provisional Project.
    The other thing that keeps me busy is my hobbies of cooking and sewing. This week I have made three different recipes that I have frozen portions for my husband to take with him during the week. I also have finished smocking one design for a friend and I hope to tackle making a dress with it in the immediate future. I also have a few other sewing projects on the horizon. Busy = happier me because I do not think about being alone