Monday, January 17, 2011

Homemade bread in almost 5 minutes

My Aunt is a wonderful cook, and has always shared great recipes and cooking trends with me!

She had asked me if I heard about no knead bread...and I had not..she was tempting me with photos of this delicious bread, after her second loaf being in the oven I knew I had to try this.

This recipe comes from the Book Artisan bread in 5 minutes a Day it is there master recipe:

I also was googling about the book and found their web-site, the ingredients and the directions are all there, please go and visit for the exacts.


Lukewarm water
Granulated yeast
Coarse Salt
All Purpose Flour

Wooden Spoon
A big bowl for mixing
Another bowl for rising (we used our kitchen aid mixer bowl)
Pizza stone--I used a cookie sheet
Broiler Pan

Mix all of the ingredients together--visit the web-site for the exact measurements!
Believe it or not, it all comes together very nicely.  We placed the dough in the kitchen aid mixing bowl for 2 hours, this is where you let it rise!
 Two hours later it has really rose and doubled in size, so make sure you use a big enough bowl!

Next you either place the dough in the fridge for up to 14 days, or you can cut of a piece of the dough to bake now.  From this recipe, you get 4 pounds of dough. 

We chose to bake a loaf right away to have with dinner. 
After you cute the dough off that you are going to bake it needs to rest for 45 minutes.

You set the oven to 450 degrees twenty minutes before you are to place the bread in the oven. The pizza stone/cookie tray and the broiler plan should be placed in as well when you start the pre-heat.
 Right before you place the bread in the oven, scour the bread, about 1/4 inch in depth!

 After the bread is baked for 30 to 35 minutes, it should be golden brown and it is done!

Now this bread did not take exactly 5 minutes about an hour in total from start to finish!
Enjoy this delicious bread it is very light and I could of eaten 1/2 of the loaf!

Also, here is a YouTube video, that helps explain the process:
Do you have a homemade bread recipe that you love???