Thursday, November 18, 2010

Apple Spice Cake - or - Honey Apple Breakfast Muffin Cake

Well with all the apple picking Mr. P and I have been doing, I have been busy baking!

I have never really baked with honey before, but I had some great honey from Trader Joe's with the comb in it, and was starving one Saturday morning.

Unfortunately I did not take a photo of the finished cake.  However, you will have to take my word on it that I got a a lot of positive comments on the cake.  I brought a couple of pieces in for two of my friends at work!  And the even  commented about the cake two weeks later, and wanted to know where I got the recipe from!

My friend Mel B and I always try to guess what spices/seasonings are in each other's recipes.  And she guessed right on, cloves and cinnamon.  She was surprised about baking with cloves, and she thought it was only for ham.

Now here is the answer to your question, yes honey is heavier than oil, and oil is heavier than milk!

But it does mix up nicely!

The floured spring form pan, and the batter all mixed up, and smelling good!

And yes, Mr. P's cooking pots from the night before are still on the stove (Rice and Carne Molida)

Well don't take my word on this delicious cake, go to this blog and get the recipe and enjoy!

This would be really nice for Thanksgiving morning!

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