Monday, November 8, 2010

The First and Second Frost

Well the first and second frost came and went..and I figured Mr. P and I had a couple of hours to dig up dahlia tubers before heading out to brunch.


We had about 15 dahlia tubers planted in this bed!

Now who knew the inside was hollow!!!

I love this photo...great job Mr. P!!!

Some dahlia plants I got a good amount out of tubers, and others not!  This is my second attempt at digging out the tubers so I am not an expert of how to dig them out. 
However, what worked for me was to dig a 12 inch circle around the base of plant and wiggle to you feel a heavy mass of tubers on your shovel.  Yes, I did cut some tubers in half, and on some plants, I did not even really get more than 3 tubers. 
This was a good dig!!!

I feel that this is what sweet poatoes would look like when freshly harvested????

The cleaned out bed!  Thanks Mr. P for your help!

The dahlia tubers are drying now, to be put away for storage for the winter!

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