Saturday, November 20, 2010

Capital Grille with a side of George Lopez

Friday night we had a fun night out with friends in the City - Philadelphia.

We started out at Capital Grille with some delicious drinks

The Capital Grille Home

They had mojito's on the menu, however, Mr. P has me realizing that Don Q is the only option.  It was not an option, so I had this grapefruit style martini, very delish!

We were out celebrating a great friends Birthday!

We did the pre-dinner theatre menu which was a great deal!

I had the Kona crusted dry aged sirloin steak with caramelized shallot butter, we got family style mashed potatoes and creamed spinach.  The creamed spinach was my favorite part of the night, and I wish I could have had more, but I was trying to be good!

For dessert, the flourless chocolate espresso cake, Very Good!

Our waiter was excellent, he even took a photo of the group and printed out a copy for each of the couples!!!  At first we were unsure of whose camera it was and maybe even thought he was taking a personal photo of us, but he than came back with 3 copies of the photo in a paper frame, a special way for us to remember the night!  I was highly impressed, this was a very nice touch.

Also, a restaurant always gets extra points for character when there is a moose on the wall!

After dinner it was on to George Lopez.  I really was not quite sure who he was, but I was impressed; he was very funny!

While walking around the city before the show, we noticed this car, a NYPD car in Philly.

They are filming a movie, not sure which one does anyone know?

Overall, It was a delicious, funny, great night with Mr. P and friends!

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