Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Dahlia's are still blooming!!!

My Parents had a fall get together this weekend with my Grandma, Aunt, Brother (Sister-in law was unable to make it) and Mr. P and myself.  Out of the girls, I have to say we all think we are a little crafty, and like to out do each other with the favors and food! 

This year as you have seen earlier, I have an extreme love for Dahlia's.  I thought what if I put them in a pumpkin!  I was able to get small little boo pumpkins for a $1.00 and the Dahlia's were from my garden.

I tried to cut the pumpkins myself, but was unable to ( I did keep them in my car for a week, and we tried first thing in the morning..I think they were a little too cold).  However, Mr. P was called in for duty, and he took care of them, with a help of his cleaver!

I tried to soak them in water before I had to ask Mr. P for help.  I thought it would make them softer..did not work out to well!

1.  First cut the top of the pumpkins.
2.  Take the insides out.  I saved the seeds, I was surprised how many seeds were in these little pumpkins.
3.  I put water in the pumpkin to make sure there were no holes, or that the water would leak out.
4.  Dumped the water, and trimmed the string insides.

Below are the dahlia's upside down before I started to arrange them, I never realized how pretty they look even this way!

Finished product:

To transport them to my parent's house, I placed them in a roasting pan!

Next time:  I would try to get floral tape to make a frog for the dahlias to stand up better!

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