Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Love it, Like it, Must have it Wednesday

I am always saying I Love it, I Like It, or I want it. I always love being told about great products, places to go visit, or must haves. I love the O' list in Oprah's magazine, shopping on Ideeli, and searching the Internet for interesting unique things.

This weeks "Love it, Like it, Must have it Wednesday: is the place we went for brunch over the weekend:

Simon Pierce Restaurant on the Brandywine
located in West Chester, PA

The food was great, we started out with homemade bread: pecan raisin nut, olive, and biscuits and delicious soft, very soft (and I think homemade) butter. The olive bread was my favorite, I just kept eating it.

I got a pineapple soda, it was OK, I liked it, but not as good as the pineapple soda I had while in San Diego.

We got the bakery basket, which was so delicious. We could of almost ordered this for desert, as the bread was just so good and it was hard to pick bakery basket or bread basket.

For an appetizer I got the Corn Polenta and Broccoli Gratin with Tallegio Cheese. The Tallegio Cheese was a stinky cheese that covered the gratin, it added a different flair.

For the main entree, Banana Bread French Toast, this was delicious. I would have never thought of making french toast out of banana bread, and it had a passion fruit curd, and fresh bananas on top with caramelized pecans. this was great.

Now after brunch we walked the store, I fell in love with these and I left feeling I must have them!!!

Now I am a little confused, because I kept seeing different prices, the store had one price the lowest, online the second lowest, and the catalogue a little bit more.

They had the tallest one on: a lighted pedestal, and it glowed beautifully!

Below are pictures of the artisan's blowing glass.

I want to go back this Sunday for brunch...we will see.  Next time I will take more photos of the food, we were with friends, and I felt a little awkward, taking photo's of everything...

Outside of the building.  GPS does not take you exactly there, so make an educated decision, if you see the building you are there!

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  1. Taleggio cheese is one of my favorites. However, Rob would just describe it as stinky.