Monday, November 29, 2010

Miami for Thanksgiving-Day 2

On our second day, we did breakfast at the Four Seasons.  The bill always surprises us, but the food is delicious and always worth it:

I got the Juevos Rancheros:

Mr. P got the eggs, Chorizo, and hash browns:

I love the Four Seasons.

Next was kayaking, we went to Oleta River State Park, about 40 minutes away from downtown Miami.

The water was very calm, you kayaked in the mangroves which lead to a lake, which than took you to the inter coastal highway. 

I was hoping to see a manatee, the closest I got was this sign:

The scenery was beautiful:

We saw some wildlife, Mr. P was happy he spotted a butterfly, we saw some beautiful birds, below is this beautiful blue bird:

I found some snails on some rocks, can you see them?

Now what is more interesting a butterfly or some snails?

The rest of the family flew in today, we had dinner at this little sushi restaurant, they had this delicious lightly seared tuna, and we ordered tempura brownies--Very good!

I did not see any Manatees or Dolphins however it was another great sunny day in Miami!

Another other good suggestions of what to do in the Miami area?


  1. I look at the water pictures and I 'see' alligators. I have a great fear of these creatures and it makes me wonder if that's what happened to the poor bird in the second picture.

  2. YOu are right, I had to go and look at the post a couple of times...The bird was a swimmer, so it was probably diving for a fish at that time. We did not see any alligators/crocodiles...It was somewhat deap!

    Thank you for reading my blog, I really appreciate it!